cost effective

Benefits With Optimization


Funding Cost is Minimized so it saves a good amount of money for Clients. It also helps retain HQLA
This is huge Benefit as it helps to have more liquidity and still comply with Margins

Real-Time Collateral Inventory Is Present to be analyzed

Errors are Minimized and processes are Standardized

Minimal Operation Costs and yet increased Volumes and higher efficiency

Cost of Our Application is Flexible and Totally Depends on Client Usages.
We are Flexible in Pricing

Losses Without Optimization


Funding cost of Not Minimized so results in increased costs.
The Amount depends on Collaterals Paid to cover Margins.

Real-Time Collateral Inventory is not present

Manual Labor and Errors are Critical and cause Losses

Increased Operations Costs

Other Methods Like Using Onsite Installed Applications and OutSourced
Operations result in High Costs.

Our Address

New Office in Mumbai
504 B, Solitaire IT Park, Andheri, Mumbai - 400093