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Collateral Management Solutions

We have a Solution which helps manage All Types of Contracts and it reduces manual work on collateral management and margin payments and receipts.

  • Mater Data and Contract Generation / Creation: User can upload the Contract related information to our system using Interfaces. We define Contract in great detail. We have below maintain below details like

    • Details on Parties in Contract
    • Interest Rates Calculations Details
    • Eligibility, Concentration and Haircuts Configs
    • Optimization Config
  • Collateral Optimization: We have two methods

    • Algorithm Based Optimization: Here we use simplex Algo for optimization of Collateral Securities to be paid.
    • Ranking Based Optimization: User ranks the Securities based on certain parameters and then this helps in optimizing on securities.
  • Disputes Management: Disputes are monitored based on Dispute Age and we have below methods to resolve it.

    • Accept Processing Organization amount
    • Accept Counter-party Amount
    • Resolution using Reconciliations
  • Reconciliation: We reconcile Counter Party and Processing Organization Trades Data and whenever we find mis-matches then Those trades valuations can be looked into by both sides.
  • Reports and Dashboards: We have a wide variety of Reports and Dashboards. And this provides a concise view of Collateral Transactions and helps in further decision making.

  • Automation: We automate almost all relevant processors like Collateral Allocations and Optimization. This greatly reduces the work pressure from team. It reduces errors and enhances efficiency. And Automation can be customized as per User requirements.

  • Interfaces: We have one Interface to upload data to our system and we can customize it as per Client requirements. This helps in seamless integration with other systems at Client Side.
  • SIMM Library: We provide support for SIMM calculations. We provide this support to all OTC derivatives trading counter parties. Client has to provide the Sensitivities Data.

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